Urn 221205

$750.00 CAD

Ecological, artistic, unique and personalized funeral urns, turned and sculpted by hand in an artisanal way from locally recovered tree trunks with the greatest respect for the cycle of life.

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- Spalted yellow birch urn with polished sea glass skylight
- Volume 200 cubic inches
- Opening from below (choice of maple, cherry or black walnut cap)

The “contemplation” series allows you to highlight all the beauty of the heart of the tree. The term “Spalted” refers to woody mushrooms,  giving this incredible natural coloring.

This creation is part of a research process linked to light. As Leonard Cohen sang so well “there is a crack in everything, this is how the light can enter”.

To seal the crack, I used small pieces of glass found by the river, there was even one in the shape of a heart. If you are interested in this work, contact me and I will send you a video to show you the details.

I can also personalize a small tree with leaves or a sea ivory bird (sturgeon scales collected locally). Allow an extra charge of around $100. Call me and we'll discuss it. 418-493-9977