If you wish to place your urn in a cemetery or in the columbarium of a funeral home, find out beforehand the rules of the establishment and make sure you know the precise dimensions of the niche where you will display it.


CREATIONS VITALIS ENR. wants to offer a quality product and service that meets your expectations. Your satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns.

Each product sold is accompanied by a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty applies to any manufacturing, assembly or major structural failure in the wood altering the structure of the urn. If necessary, the urn will be repaired, replaced at our expense or even refunded. Our liability is limited to the value of the urn.

If the breakage is linked to an accident during handling or poor storage after receipt, we will try to help you repair the damage. But we cannot be held responsible for such damage which is not our fault.

Working with green wood is more ecological and respects the intrinsic beauty of the tree. Wood is a living material, it is normal for it to have knots, buds, color variations in the grain, and insect marks. These character traits are part of the natural cycle of life. My father said “there are knots in my furniture, it’s the fault of the trees which have branches!” ".


If you keep the urn at home, choose a place where the temperature and humidity level are constant: between 15 and 25 degrees Celsius; between 50% and 70% humidity. Therefore avoid the shelf overlooking a heater, the one decorating the fireplace or any other location too close to a heat source. If you expose the urn to direct sunlight, be aware that the wood may change color slightly on the exposed surface. Do not clean with a damp cloth: a light polishing by hand with a dry cloth should be enough to restore the shine to the wax.