Choosing a wooden urn means respecting the cycle of life. I use wood as raw material for my work. The tree is alive, it is a renewable resource. It is noble, generous and warm. Wood is surrounding us. In our homes, the cradle receiving the newborn is made trom a tree. It seems comforting to me that the final resting place would also be made from it.

Choosing a wooden urn means respecting the cycle of life and traditions.

Contact with nature provides us soothing and renewal. In this spirit, I hope my wood creations will become natural and sensitive cocoons enveloping with love the ashes of a dear one.

The logs I use are supplied by local pruners and firewood dealers. Thus, manufacturing the urn gives the tree a second life. The finishing products used are made trom wax and natural oils. Production waste and chips are used as fuel during winter.

No urn could be greener!

My family and I have a deep respect for life. Our values, our production methods and our work environment fully reflect this vision.