I am a wood turner and sculptor. I grew up on a farm and followed in the footsteps of my father who was a cabinetmaker and a staunch defender of our cultural heritage.

My grandfather used to say that an ordeal can either clutch its victims in its vise-grip or set them free. In 2005, after a perinatal loss, my father and I are in the studio to turn our first urn. It will hold the ashes of my first baby, my little angel who left this earth even before being born. This experience was a turning point in my life, bringing me a new way to feel and express my emotions. From this sad event was conceived a revelation.

Soon after, I gave birth to two beautiful children and unfortunately, my father died of cancer. Through the shock of birth and death, my artistic curiosity burgeons, takes shape, becomes enriched and gradually anchors itself in action: I create funeral urns. The mixed feelings of love, sadness and joy that I experience in my heart will definitely leave their mark on my first works. In this emotional turmoil, I find inspiration to carve. I give a precise meaning to the objects that I create: I want them to express softness and solace.

Vitalis Creations enr. was born in 2010.


If wood-working professions are characterized as one of the last male bastions, I have managed, through the softness of a curve and the delicacy of my work, to assert my rightful place as a woman by assuming and expressing my feminine sensibilities.

I carve local wood species and driftwood. This material is marked, as we are, by the cycle of life and death. It also carries in itself its own story and a unique destiny. Each piece is selected based on its peculiarities. My work is to highlight the beauty of the tree fibers. I love working with green wood. The sound of the woodchip under the tool thrills me as much as it soothes me.

Surrounded by the natural warmth of wood, I endeavor to embrace death, to cradel it back to life, in order to soften it. By creating funeral works of art and speaking openly about death, my hope is to humanize it.

My approach is one of reconciliation: life with death and human with nature.

In my studio located by the shore of the St.Lawrence River, in front of this magnificent landscape, I bear witness to the never-ending cycle of birth and death, from which I draw my energy and inspiration.

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